Live review: Queen Jane (album launch), Campfires In Winter, Kith & Kin at 13th Note, 12/2/12

Up first but lucky to perform before the venue turned into a sauna, Kith & Kin begin the evening with confidence and some catchy up beat tracks.


A seemingly happy-go-lucky folky band but with some good heavy interludes of guitar grinding and raw energy behind the vocals.

There is some great shouted harmonizing and acoustics, and a lively performance from the lead singer, Liam Cairns, getting things off to a great start.

Up next are Campfires In Winter, who definitely suit their name, echoing yet comforting post-rock sounds with choruses of vocals to match but guitar and synth crescendos that don’t quite carry as well as they could have in such a small venue.

Would have been great to see these guys perform in a larger space and with some vast electric grand piano to hammer about on rather than the pint-sized keyboard on offer that evening.

Queen Jane then enter the stage as if they had run a marathon, perking everyone up as they jump, stomp, echo and reverberate through tracks from their new Denver EP.

‘Those Summers’, a great song pining for some past brighter days is a welcomed impact on the cold grey evening.

Other slower more vocal and unsynthed tracks that follow have lyrics full of reminiscence and nostalgia for days gone by that seemed odd coming from such a young group of musicians but none the less sincere and delivered passionately to the now packed venue, providing a great end to the night.

Words/Photos: Sarah Hope

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