Today’s news featuring De Rosa, Three Blind Wolves and more

Amazing news that De Rosa are going to making music together again, this has been floating about as a rumour since a Twitter page appeared a few days ago but it has been confirmed by the looks of things, it’s great to see them back.]


Three Blind Wolves continue their hectic gigging schedule with a show at the Captains Rest on March 1.

A wee bit of sad news to go with the go with the good news about De Rosa, The Hardy Boys who are no more once again after playing their last gig at Glasgow Popfest back in December, you can still see their member around town though performing as The Dark Mile and as members of Salo.

Pronto Mama have a show at the Captains Rest on March 3, keep your eyes peeled on this one it’ll likely sell out fast.

Citizens, Father Murphy, Fat Janitor play Sleazy’s on March 14.

High Places play tomorrow on the opening night of the Glasgow Music & Film Festival with support from Nevada Base, the show is at the Arches, 8pm, £8.


Eras – ‘Tall Tales’:


A Torn Mind – ‘Soxes & Sevens’


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