Live review: Thula Borah, Little Bay, Suplex The Kid at Stereo 14/12/12

Suplex The Kid are first to warm up the crowd on this cold wintry night and it takes no time for them to belt out progressive melodic riffs, reflecting the likes of Maybeshewill and Explosions in the Sky.


The band incorporate variations of clean verses contrasted against heavy choruses led by a prominent bass line, some would argue that there is a lack of distinction between each track in their set, however loud applauses and a good reception demonstrate that the audience are no less than entertained.

‘All Beneath An Iron Sky’, from the band’s latest album, instantly harnesses a deeper connection with the crowd through its fresh sound and an enthusiastic performance.

A violin bow is used on a guitar creating a range of smooth pedal notes flattering a bass melody to put a twist on a traditional Christmas song which nicely rounds up the band’s set.

It’s fair to say that Little Bay have a hearty following who are present tonight with excitable screams and shouts of encouragement creating a level of anticipation in the venue.

They kick off to a rusty start but its not long until they adapt to their surroundings and poppy upbeat songs are produced.

Each member maintains their own unique musical style resulting in an overall enjoyable set with tracks ‘Fallen Stars’ and ‘Little Prints’ being particularly memorable.

Thula Borah drench the crowd in alternative rock infused with light melodies and soft vocals.

Their earlier tracks reflect elements of fellow Scots The Unwinding Hours, particularly through the meek voice and lyrics used.

Thula Bora demonstrate that they can flatter the crowd with an instrumental progressive sound as well incorporating a more post rock pop sound which have enabled them airplay on various national radio stations.

The musicianship of each individual on stage is undeniable and the passion can be seen and heard throughout a truly mesmerising set.

Words: Rachel Cunningham
Photos: Emma Levy

more photos from the night


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