Live review: Glasgow Popfest at Heavenly, 10/12/11

It’s a pleasure to get out of the miserable Glasgow weather and into the very aptly named, for this weekends proceeding at least, Heavenly for a full evening indie pop fueled delights.


As you enter you are greeted by a host of items for sale as well as mulled wine and mince pies to get some heat into you while getting you into that Christmassy mood.

Ally Kerr is already on as I enter and the local singer-songwriter gives us a charming start to proceedings, warming the building crowd up nicely for what is to follow.

The Hobbes Fanclub is up next and the Bradford based three-piece play through a beautifully dreary set of jangly tracks that could never fail to raise a smile.

Another Yorkshire act, Standard Fare follow and introduce an inspiringly chirpy set of dual female/male vocals, adding that touch extra needed when the line up could be in danger of merging into itself.

Now if Standard Fare upped the game then Cola Jet Set push things even further, as four female vocal melodies hook into an engrossed crowd.

The Barcelona seven-piece brings the first touch of Spanish pop to Glasgow and it is lapped up with relish, as the songs, in Spanish or English, ring beautifully around venue as everyone hits celebration mode.

Westfield Mining Disaster bring things back to home, and the well-seasoned performers perform tracks with a bit more serious message without losing that country tinged indie pop charm.

So, maybe time for something a little different, Edinburgh School For The Deaf have been rightfully hyped all year round, but despite their album coming out on Bubblegum are self admittedly not a pop band.

Still, these guys go down like a breath of fresh air as they cruise through a full on set filled with enchanting vocals and luscious feedback which ends in sheer riot.

We’re back to indie pop as Madrid’s Zipper brings the second flavour of Spain to tonight’s proceedings once again, with an encapsulating live performance that brings a touch of punk to the beauty of pop.

At a venue called Heavenly, what better place for a band fronted Mrs. Heavenly herself Amelia Fletcher’s first visit to Scotland in her current band, Tender Trap.

The band borrow a lot from previous incarnations; that clear, smile raising indie pop glory rings through the venue as Fletcher’s girlish vocals and lyrical witticisms carry that ever so sweet indie pop joy to end the evening’s live entertainment beautifully.

Still it’s not fully over as Hotwire take over the decks to drop some sugar-coated classics on the crowd who enjoy a tasty vegan feast and drink and dance the night away.

Photos: Michael Village


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