Record review: Pronto Mama – ‘Not Lost My Head’

“I’ve not lost my head, it’s in a box under my bed” rings over and over in your ears long after your first listen to Pronto Mama‘s debut single.


Its the simple yet effectively infectious hook that drives you to listen to this track on repeat, if it’s possible to wear out a digital audio file then I may just manage it with this track, its a challenge not to leave it on repeat.

‘Not Lost My Head’ is a short burst of indie pop thick with the Scottish accent that is either loved or hated, although its hard to imagine anyone taking any disliking to this.

It’s an alternative twist on an indie-rock/pop song as Pronto Mama manage to sound like every band before them, yet similar to none simultaneously.

One of my favourite new bands and almost certainly one to keep your eye on.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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