Record review: Otherpeople – Memory Gag

There’s something about bands that just refuse to be pigeon-holed that give them an endearing quality that’s hard to come by, within twenty minutes their new EP Otherpeople manage to establish themselves as one of those bands.


OP starts with the chiming reverb laden guitars and catchy melody backed by harmonic vocals, it’s all very cheery and mellow.

As the feedback quickly builds at the end and bursts into ‘Whooplash’ the tone is changed instantly with “I’ll give you rope to hang yourself and a chair from which you’ll fly” and the infectious hooking ‘whoops’ which beg for a mosh-pit in the middle of a sweat drenched crowd.

‘Newman’ has obvious influences of Bowie and Talking Heads, who both share an indefinable quality of sound that Otherpeople have also crafted.

The chorus of “please don’t let me fuck it up” comes with the same gratifying sing a long value as any lyrical line with swearing does.

‘(I am so bored) With Acoustic Guitars’ is the highlight of the EP with the title being chanted as the chorus line, part of this four minute de-construction of hipster-cool, perfectly rounded off with an air guitar worthy solo.

‘Halloween’ and ‘Goodweek Badweek’ continue the trend of the bands sound being difficult to define in any more depth than “alternative rock”.

‘Halloween’ treds the line of ‘I’ve heard this somewhere before’ while being completely original while ‘Goodweek Bad Week’ dips into an almost rap delivery of vocals ending just as you are wondering what this band could possibly throw into the mix next.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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