Record review: Indian Red Lopez – ‘Prometheus’

In Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from the gods and handed it to man, kick starting mankind as its known present day.


Indian Red Lopez are taking a bold step with naming their new single after the fellow, but it’s not totally unjust.

‘Prometheus’ starts off with a filtered beat which raises up into the catchy percussive hook which carries on throughout the track’s underlying the synths, which could sound like any ‘indie-electro’ band though the fact that they aren’t fully up in your face shows maturity in the production and sets them apart from a large number of peers.

It’s not a sing-a-long track, but something about it promises to deliver itself fully in a live setting with full strobe light and dry ice set up.

Vocals sound almost epic above the backing of the band, but it’s the crescendo calling of “hide your eyes, as the smoke dies/cover your hears and hear me” after the breakdown mid-track that really breaks the band away from the ‘hipsters with keyboards’ label and proves them to be the real deal.

Indian Red Lopez have a lot more up their neon sleeve.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (Twitter @ryn_sh)


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