Record review: The Big Nowhere- Pull Down the Moon

Pull Down the Moon is the debut album of Glasgow-based Americana duo Billy Crowe and Simon Sinclair.


Amazingly, the quirky 15 track album was recorded entirely in Sinclair’s living room.

Like the production process, every song has an uncomplicated, laid back feel to it.

Crowe and Sinclair both share a warm, gravelly tone to their vocals.

Opening song ‘Some Kind of Sickness’ is a surprising track to kick off an album with.

Based solely on an acoustic guitar that swings in and out of tune on top of a crackly LP turntable, it could easily be an additional song off the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Every song on this retro album tells a story, ‘(Why Won’t You) Make My Telephone Ring’ is a traditional tiff between two lovers and similarly, ‘I Promise You Honey (I Was Out With The Guys)’ talks inevitably of broken trust.

It is this storytelling theme that captures your ear throughout Pull Down the Moon, even the album title-the subtitled name of the last track- is based on Sinclair’s daughter wanting to “pull down to moon” while walking with her father one evening.

The Big Nowhere’s country and western style is audible in ‘Missy pt 2’ and title track ‘Pull Down the Moon’ could prove to be the perfect drinking song, recorded with piano and a small crowd singing the basic tune, it’ll be hard to resist singing along after one too many on a Friday night.

A mixture of folk, country and Americana, TBN capture a type of music that isn’t produced anymore.

Pull Down the Moon, unlike TBN’s genre, is uncomplicated and for some, admirably nostalgic.

Words: Ben Bookless


One thought on “Record review: The Big Nowhere- Pull Down the Moon”

  1. Have just got into The Big Nowhere… late… but prior to their CD special package release. Really liking the album.
    Am a big fan of Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ and I really like the boys three-part story “Hansen’s Trailer Park Suite”. Although the whole album is quality for me. I have high hopes for the new album when it comes.

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