Record review: Collar Up – ‘Short Term Memories’

‘Short Term Memories’ is a ghoulish mix of ghostly, lullaby sounds.


I’ve listened to it numerous times and can’t place its tonality, it doesn’t come across as a triumphant anthem or a downtrodden sonnet.

It’s a song comprised of mismatched elements, like your everyday life was mixed with elements from dreams and fantasies.

For that reason, it’s a difficult song to place texturally and a strange subject to dissect.

In its own right, ‘Short Term Memories’ acts just like one – it’s present and then disappears, leaving a general feeling of space and emptiness where once there was something present.

That’s what this song is – it’s not a sing-a-long song, or a tune about a broken heart.

It’s a track that pulls something back into your mind that you weren’t sure you had ever forgotten, or didn’t realise you ever knew.

It’s a song that fills your mind with more echoes of the past on every listen.

I can’t give it properties or attributes of its own, or find any better way to describe it than that.

Give it a listen yourself and see what it pulls to the forefront of your mind.

Words: Matthew Slater



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