Record review: For Abel – ‘Yorkshire’


After months of international gigging and well deserved hype, Glasgow four-piece For Abel releases ‘Yorkshire’, the new single from the lauded debut album, Greater Intentions.


‘Yorkshire’ is a lyrical critique of the current government, comparing Britain to Yorkshire in 1989.

The song opens with a sharp, crunchy yet upbeat riff and hissy percussion along with accented vocals.

Moving through the track the lilting vocals tell the tale of broken promises, soaring unemployment and social injustice with a poetic edge.

This lyricism helps the track retain a refreshing degree of originality and more importantly, avoid the clichés of political indie songwriting.

At the chorus the punchy percussion, soaring riffs and bounding bassline rise together to produce a warm melody with overtones of The Wedding Present.

This positive energy drives the track to its conclusion where the vocals end and the furiously simple riff, subtly laced with a wailing guitar, takes over.

Despite the tracks depressing subject matter ‘Yorkshire’ is a cheerful anthem in the making that takes traditional indie sounds and pushes them in exciting new directions.

Words: Catriona Reilly


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