Record review: Skippy Dyes – ‘We Were Once Fiction’

With a glimmer of early Biffy Clyro, Skippy Dyes are either happily angry or angrily happy.


Lyrics such as “I’d rather be alone than in a fucking hole with you” surely should not be embraced with upbeat, exciting music containing bouncy, power pop guitar riffs and sax creating a jazzy-ska sound.

First track, ‘Hole’, would be best played in the sun and while playing beach volleyball wearing oversized sunglasses on top of a ridiculous grin.

Each song is built up of elements that don’t seem to fit or make sense with each out of context, yet somehow, this works.

‘The Stance Doesn’t Matter’ has both angry vocals and hard sax blasts between some quirky guitar hammer-ons as well as soft melodic sounds within.

‘Keep Safe’ is a Skippy Dyes attempt at a ballad, it contains the rawness of their eclectic style and displays the vocal talent of singer Greig Millar.

It could be said it’s a single ready to go but that could be said for any of the three on this record.

The entire record remains true to their previous sounds and after the first listen, you already want to see them capture the live audience.

Words: Sarah Devine


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