Record review: Trapped In Kansas – How To Go

Since forming in 2008, Trapped In Kansas have given the Scottish music scene a boost and it would appear that this EP is set to continue in the same vein.


Ambient, slow paced opener ‘The Man Does Wear The Mask’ does not give much away in terms of the band’s sound.

Contrastingly, the single ‘I Was Born’ is fun and boisterous, containing a brilliant mix of melodies that captivate the imagination.

Upbeat and highly catchy, ‘Stick To The Roads’ catches your attention with sharp guitar riffs which swing like feisty punches through the air.

The rhythm section carry the track along until they are masked among some impressive guitar tapping.

Mid-way through the EP, the pace is brought down to a grinding halt, as ‘The Mask Does Wear The Man’ completely changes the atmosphere with its ethereal chimes, echoes and minimalist sound.

Short but sweet, it feels like an instrumental continuation of the introduction – which leads us to ‘Skin & Bone’, cutting through the silence is the familiar sound of jangly, warm toned guitar.

There is less of a direct focus on the vocals as the music fills in the gaps, the remaining thirty seconds however contain a blistering break down – loud, angry and perfectly timed.

Much darker and heavier than previous tracks, frontman Finn LeMarinel sums up the feeling ‘Happiness Is An Allegory, Sadness A Story’ exudes with the lyric “I see a black cloud over you” accompanied by distorted guitars; perpetual and loud.

The lyrics are mature and thought provoking, equally mirroring the sombre tone, demonstrating the band’s ability to conquer a spectrum of emotions within their music.

How To Go is a highly energetic record, boasting intricate guitar work partnered with edgy drums and bass, all of which flatter the unique vocal style.

LeMarinel’s lyrics are honest and poetic throughout, yet sustain the simplicity needed to successfully blend together with the music.

Trapped In Kansas have illustrated the potential they have as a band, producing a rich and evocative collection of songs.

Words: Eilidh Hollow


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