Record review: Cancel The Astronauts – ‘Seven Vices’

‘Seven Vices’ is a pleasing release, supported by two accompanying tracks (‘Something Approaching’ and ‘Playing Hard To Get’). The eponymous track ‘Seven Vices’ is a great number, it’s the usual guitar led fanfare except it features clever use of electronic elements throughout. Upbeat and exciting, it’s a firm handshake and a nice introduction.


‘Something Approaching’ takes things down a little. It begins with a gorgeous piano before quickly turning round and showing us its other side – tasteful guitar and synth. It’s all gentle, cosmic love – it’s beautiful consonance from every front, right down to the enunciation of every vowel. My pick of the bunch right here – the best track of the three.

‘Playing Hard To Get’ continues where ‘Something Approaching’ left off – establishing itself as the big finish for the record with full, smart production (here’s looking at you panning!). A lovely tune, and a great encore to play live for sure. I’m in two minds about the bonus track that’s included, but an extra’s an extra.

Regrettably, ‘Seven Vices’ would be the weakest of the three tracks for me. It’s perhaps a good choice for a single to grab attention, but for me there’s more to Cancel The Astronauts than the singles. It’s a strong release that’s got me wanting more.

Words: Matthew Slater


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