Record review: Mummy Short Arms – ‘Change’

‘Change’ is a pert little number. It sounds devilishly simple at first before it grows outwards from it’s humble, acoustic origins and quickly descends into up tempo lunacy. What comes across initially as bluesy folk music is soon thrown on its head as the sonic palette moves things up a gear.


Scratchy strings sound and combined with the ragged, rough vocals performing more frantically than before, there’s suddenly a sense of danger to the proceedings – like the instruments are struggling to contain themselves and that urgency cuts through everything else and goes straight to the listener.

The production on the single benefits from a full wall of sound in places. The structure and layering of the mix comes across well as we are given the impression of constant push and pull, like the band are getting chased only to get so far ahead and think they are safe – it’s then not too long into their breather that they see their pursuer and have to start running all over again.

A breakdown two thirds of the way in stacks the pieces up and up to a grand tower as we are then treated to a balls to the wall coda, with Mummy Short Arms throwing everything they’ve got at us. Overall, Change is an extremely effective crayon drawing – basic in the best sense of the word.

Words: Matthew Slater


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