Live review: Night is Day launch night at Stereo, 29/9/11


Bands Echofela and A Band Called Quinn add musical support to a night celebrating the release of Glasgow made film ‘Night is day’. Echofela in fact appear on the films soundtrack with ‘Never Got Your Number’, which they perform at the event.


The whole night is something different not least because it includes a ten-minute preview of the aforementioned film, set between the two bands. In this space where often another act would perform there is also a display from one of the film’s actors who gives the crowd a short blast of stand-up. This mixture of film and music is an enjoyable one and adds a different feel to nights which sometimes feel more intimate with a mixture of attention-grabbing media.

Before the filmic aside Echofela perform a good set where they showcase work from their upcoming album and demonstrate their ability to create well-rounded songs. The musical variety between the various songs is a little limited with a similar sound prominent throughout the set. American influenced pop music with a slight new wave punk edge evoked in the main through the somewhat imitative vocal performance. That said it is an imposing performance that connects well with the audience and tonally hit the right marks.

After the intervening film preview, which exposes what should be an interesting prospect uncovering the darker side of the superhero world in Glasgow.  A Band Called Quinn provide a real lift to proceedings from the moment their lead singer, Louise Quinn, confidently strides on stage as the band have set up musical backing to support her entrance.

Throughout this gig I am very pleased to see some interesting guitar effects and simple, effective bass work which shifts the sound through a gamut of pleasing styles. The effects are not overbearing but instead enable the solitary guitar to build dynamically and offer more interesting sonic backdrops.

In earlier tracks there is a Mexican border essence with sounds of the Southern states identified through slow echo and long sustained guitars, which work excellently with the powerful vocals. There are other shifts, most obviously in the addition of a trumpet, this brass element impacts wonderfully in the space and balances perfectly with the guitar and vocal melodies to create full and interesting sounds.

ABCQ seem to have a series of members who play their parts with great aplomb and have paid careful consideration to just how they are going to go about making music which is both varied and impactful, while Quinn provides a skilled and confident performance giving a powerful focal point to the musical output. This is a band that excites everyone present from the very beginning with a sparkling performance.

Words: Joe Leightley


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