Track by track review: Take A Worm For A Walk Week – T.A.W.F.A.W.W.

So, me and Paul (North American War, Pro Life) were wandering about the west end today and it just so happened we came across three of the four members of Take A Worm For A Walk Week but only took one a walk, so we decided we’d have a few drinks and do a review of the album and here it is track by track:

1. Luscious Things

Tasteful use of whammy, it’s inventive but not inventive just quite good along with some shite patter. What’s coming down the left wing? And what grew back?

2. Slugsworth

Only four words in this song, only four in this review: ‘what’s the background pish?’ Makes you wanna dance though.

3. Shagadugaday

This a touch more serious, it sounds a bit like Joe’s (should we refer to him as Joe or Quimby, there’s two of them? Shit!) been hit in the head with a cream egg. “See when you got hit in the head with that egg, it bounced onto me and I ended up with chocolate in my hair.” It’s a good riff though.

4. Technology

Sonically this sounds the best on the album, it’s like  dancey Converge, feels like the longest song on the album, it actually is too.

5. Like My Pacifier?

The Chewin’ the Fat one, he sounds a bit mental here but it works the vocals are bouncing about weird but it’s good. That’ll do. Sentence.

6. Kuato

Shagging no-one 80’s goth song, it’s like making shite patter sound dramatic, he’s even says it himself.

7. So Low

So, we’re at the World Cup 2016 or something, we’re in Brazil, here’s the soundtrack, here’s the imagary:


8. So Alive

Salt and lime and what? It’s more of the same really. Indecipherable nonsense that’s pretty decent really.

9. No Right

It sounds like one of those ghost shows you watch when you’re a kid, the pure shite ones. Think he’s lost the plot. It’s got an Islamic ending, there’s something for everyone here.

10. Coach Perry

He sounds like an angry Glaswegian bus driver, it’s the most Scottish it gets on the album and the most angry too. It sounds like Flipper in the middle (no’ the dolphin, the band), is it a woman or some effects. The the Lynard Skynard solo is the funniest thing on the album. “The thing about respect son, you give it out you get it back” is the most meaningful advise on the album.

After 25 minutes we’ve not wasted our day at all. Here’s a picture of that other Qumiby boy, he looks as though he’s got a massive face:

And here’s the fuel:

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