Album review: Three Blind Wolves – Sound of the Storm

Regular gig-goers might well recognise Three Blind Wolves front-man Ross Clark. Having played support for Frightened Rabbit and just about everyone else he’s very much a well known face as a solo artist. Here we find him as part of Three Blind Wolves (formerly Ross Clark & the Scarfs Go Missing) and Sound of the Storm, their first full length, has been lovingly rerecorded for release on Communion Records.

What makes Clark stand out as a live performer is an energetic and engaging presence that always seemed to have ambitions beyond a single guitar. The question of how that might work in practice is answered here in a really interesting. The record is bustling with energy and deftly produced to transpose the intensity of Clark’s vocals out to the rest of the band.

‘Hotel’ is perhaps the best amalgamation of what is good here as a boisterous start fades away to leave a jaunty, almost catchy number behind. It works because it’s simply constructed but cleverly executed, breaking into terrific conclusion. ‘Three Blind Wolves’ and ‘Echo on the Nightrain’ also deserve mention and the song-writing is really strong throughout.

There’s a tendency towards noisy, Frightened Rabbit style crescendos but the seven tracks are tight and well put together as an album. It feels like the aim was to capture the live sound of the band and leave things just a little rough around the edges. It works andSound of the Storm shows that Three Blind Wolves are deserving of standing beside the recent crop of excellent Glasgow talent.

Words: Alastair Mitchell

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