Live review: Halo Tora, Atlas : Empire, Pale Fire at Sleazy’s, 5/7/13

408517_434344636603156_2032438190_nPale Fire is without a drummer because he fell down some stairs while on a chair.

Despite this act being very rock and roll, their music is more reminiscent of Idlewild at their folkiest than anything that would illicit stairway antics.


A distinguished Scottish feel makes for a very cosy and warming stripped-back set.

Atlas : Empire on the other hand is all about creating massive walls of post-hardcore noise.

Sleazy’s is the ideal, constrained venue that traps their howls and dissonance within its intimate setting, taking things up a notch to My Bloody Valentine levels of ear-bleeding amplification.

There’s just the right level of melody combined with guitar-wrecking aggression for them to stand out in the Glasgow scene.

Atlas : Empire may be very in your face, but Halo Tora take a different approach.

They invite you in, with delicately haunting piano melodies and airy guitar lines, only to grab you by the neck and thrash you with Mastodon-sized off-kilter guitar riffs and drum rolls.

As with any alternative band worth their salt, there’s a lot going on that demands your attention – bass lines that run rampant around guitar riffs; rhythms that seemingly gallop loose and chaotic only to finish perfectly in time; multi-part vocal harmonies that soar like post-metal giants The Ocean and Khoma; twinkling keys that lull you into a false sense of security.

There’s as much Mogwai here as there is Cult of Luna, mixed with Karnivool-esque riffs and Rolo Tomassi’s knack of making everything sound slightly astral.

For such a new band on the scene, they’ve already perfected the tightness and professionalism needed to hold an act as epic as this together.

Most importantly, they’ve perfected the art of seizing your attention.

Words: Scott Wilson


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