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SEXTILE, CHUMP, WomenSaid at Broadcast, 21/1/18

The streets are empty due to the icy roads and legends about an oncoming snow storm.

The fact that today is a Sunday doesn’t help either, however there is still quite a few dedicated people here tonight at Broadcast ready for a dose of post-punk and 80s reminiscent synthesizers.

The first support band of the night is a four-piece from Glasgow called WomenSaid.

The band confidently starts their set of slightly electronic, but at the same time dark both in lyrical and auditory sense tunes.

The dimmed down colourful lights of Broadcast work extremely well with the genre of music played tonight and people don’t seem to need much time to start nodding their heads to the beat.

Next up is CHUMP and they manage to make the evening even more atmospheric with their grunge sound, which is enhanced by the venue’s speakers.

Tara Hally as always keeps it fun with her lighthearted observations about everyday life.

Even though she’s having a bit of a trouble while tuning her guitar, the new song the band performs tonight sounds absolutely great and rhythmical and gets people excited for their new material.

The main act of the night, SEXTILE, are a Los Angeles based band that describe their music as primitive post punk from outer space.

All the guys in the band have a very certain signature look – leather jacket, skinny jeans and a very blonde haircut.

They start their set off with ‘French Song’, which is one of the few songs played tonight that are not from the band’s latest 2017 album, Albeit Living.

Follow up is the way more familiar ‘Who Killed Six’ – a catchy and heavy synthy track that actually doesn’t seem that synthy anymore after the highly electronic ‘Ripped’.

Quite a lot of people are dancing to this computerised post-punk madness, but it’s easy to see why.

The beat is always very catchy, energetic and almost club like and even though one might say that SEXTILE have something in common with post-punk contemporaries such as Holograms, who are also very keen to use electronic sounds, feels like with Albeit Living they went in a bit different direction.

‘Flesh’ sounds way more serious and aggressive in comparison to the other songs played today and it’s a reminder of the band’s heavier 2015 debut A Thousand Hands.

It’s time for a brand new, just this year released single ‘Current Affair’ and the evening is back at it’s original heavy 80s sound.

Synthesizers in ‘Situations’ get the 80s meter even higher up and together with the highly enthusiastic dancers in the front row, showing off moves I’ve never seen before in my life, Broadcast’s basement is basically transformed into a time machine.

The lead singer is constantly abusing the microphone stand and never deciding whether he prefers to stand on the ground or on the stage, but the crowd seems to enjoy his uncertainty.

It is quite an entertaining thing to watch and the band manages to keep up the same energy levels throughout the gig, without taking off their heavy leather jackets.

The gig finishes with a catchy post-punk banger ‘I Can’t Take It’ and the average sized, but very dedicated crowd seems pleased with the musical time travelling journey that has been blessed upon them.

SEXTILE is a band that performs aggressive music, that you can still very easily dance to and even though it takes a bit of time to get their vibe, after that you are hooked on the heavy synthesizer goodness and you even stop worrying about how are you going to get home through all that snow.

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Words: Goda Bujaviciute
Photos: Brendan Waters

Freakender Mega Xmas Party with Sweaty Palms, LYLO, Creatures, KAPUTT, Fat Black Cats, Chump, WomenSaid at Flying Duck, 16/12/17

On a Saturday night, a bunch of music lovers and people who just like to have a good time come to Flying Duck to celebrate Christmas while listening to a bunch of great Glaswegian bands.

The festive evening starts with WomenSaid, a four piece that plays music that is hard to define with just one genre.

The at first seemingly electronic sounds change into something more straight out of a David Lynch film, as the bass gets replaced by a saxophone.

The music works well with mysterious, dark look of the band and soon enough everybody starts getting into the mood that is being conveyed from the stage.

Next up is the slightly more known Chump, who begin their set with apologising about the harsh sound of the lead guitar.

The distorted sound works particularly well with the band’s grungy playing and the crowd seems engaged into the music.

The lead singer makes a remark about how performing tonight at Flying Duck feels exactly like being in a film scene about gigs that are the opposite of good.

A certain vibe really exists tonight, however it works surprisingly well and people generously applaud the short, but nevertheless absorbing set.

Fat Black Cats continue the show with firstly raising all the sound settings to their maximum values.

The set starts at high energy and gets more and more vigorous as the evening progresses and as the shirts of the band members are going off, one by one.

Everyone is gradually getting closer to the stage and the garage three piece finish their set with a cover of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’.

The venue gets strikingly busy for a relatively young band KAPUTT, but as soon as they begin playing it gets clear that the hype isn’t for nothing.

“Merry Christmas” the Cal Donnelly reminds us about the main reason behind today’s musical odyssey.

The set includes all of the tracks from the exactly on this day released debut EP, Demo 2017.

Saxophone works incredibly well with the band’s chaotically brilliant sound and a bottle of Buckfast serves well as the new version of a cowbell.

By the end of the set everyone’s well into a disorganised dancing craze and KAPUTT earn a status of a band to keep a look out for 2018.

The party moves to the main stage and the first ones up on there are the only London based band tonight, Creatures.

Although not a lot of people seem to be familiar with the band, they deliver a joyous 60s/70s sounding set of pop jams.

It is impossible not to see some similarities between these guys and the famous Californian beach goths The Growlers.

Due to some technical difficulties the lead singer’s microphone stops working for a short while, but that doesn’t buzzkill the crowd and the people keep on dancing.

It’s getting pretty late and so it’s time to get groovy and bring back the saxophone, which LYLO manage to do miraculously.

The dreamy pop sounds exceptionally funky tonight and the strong rhythm brings back the previously encountered dancing craze back to Flying Duck.

They prove themselves once again as a brilliant live act and leave the crowd well hyped up for the last band of the night.

The night culminates with one of the Glasgow’s finest bands – Sweaty Palms.

The noisy distorted guitar sounds and Robbie Houston’s loud, riotous vocals contrast sharply with the previous act’s chill tunes and sends people into a state of euphoria, which is well understood after such a long night of listening, playing and drinking.

And so this giant, almost 8 hour lasting Christmas feast comes to an end, leaving everyone fully satisfied with their musical cravings; well, at least for one day.

Words: Goda Bujaviciute