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WHITE – ‘Fight The Feeling’

This five-piece band has been hailed as an exciting new band to look out for, and new track ‘Fight The Feeling’ backs up this praise. WHITE’s guitarists and bassist were previous members of the Glaswegian band Kassidy and this new formation promises much more than their previous incarnation. ‘Fight The Feeling’ is an energetic, modern spin on … Continue Reading ››

Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers – Aviemore (Saturday)

So, the journey starts and after managing to rally through the torrential rain and glide the car through five to 20 inches of mud to the camping field, it’s time to get dirty. Waking up on the Saturday morning after a masterful live set by Ben Howard – he's even better live than on record – … Continue Reading ››

Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15

We were told that Wickerman Festival 2015 was the year of the Phoenix, a year of transition and change. On arrival that change doesn’t seem apparent - the festival layout is pretty much the same as it has been in years before (aside from the installation of the new ‘Phoenix’ tent). The bars, festivities and traders are … Continue Reading ››

Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, 3/5/15

Beginning in 2008 as a London only event Stag & Dagger is certainly now starting to feel like something of an institution, promising to provide the vast spectrum of musical tastes we weegies have to come to expect when May rolls around. Since its inception the variety of acts on offer that may or may not … Continue Reading ››