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Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017

In a chaotic affair we ending out not having any reviewers up at Belladrum this year, but we felt we’d be missing out if we called a halt on our photographers Allan Lewis and Stewart Fullerton going, so up they went and they got some great shots. Here’s some of the picks that we thought … Continue Reading ››

Premiere: The Youth and Young – ‘Little Sky’

The even enhancing The Youth and Young have given us the chance to premiere their wonderful new video. ‘Little Sky’ exudes all the familiar soaring folk rock sensibilities that, combined with their all giving live presence, has made this band one of the most promising acts of this ilk on show just now. The dual vocals of … Continue Reading ››

XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 9/6/16

The showcases for day two start once again in the Ironworks and this time the free drinks are coupled with music; firstly The Pictish Trail and as Johnny Lynch enters the stage air boxing you know you’re in for a treat. This is first time I’ve managed to witness Johnny Lynch playing in a non solo … Continue Reading ››

QMU Live Fest with Tuff Love, Tijuana Bibles, GoodCopGreatCop, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, The Rockalls, Josephine Sillars, LYLO, The Insomniac Project

“Did anyone used to go to Rev?” “Is Cheesy Pop still a thing?” You can tell what bands went to Glasgow uni tonight! Let’s be honest, it’s totally weird being back at the QMU, this was a regular daytime haunt in my early uni days and seven years on a lot has changed, but yet nothing has … Continue Reading ››

Record review: The Youth and Young – ‘Our Father’s Wars/The Ocean At The End Of The Lane’

a1587315488_10You'll laugh, but I actually chose to review this band's double A-side single because of their terrible, terrible name. I mean, The Youth And Young? The Noun And Adjective? Not to mention it immediately suggests they have something new to offer, giving them the horrific challenge of … Continue Reading ››