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Ariel Pink, The Yawns, East Princes at CCA, 15/6/15

Why would an artist break the smoking ban? Merely a stunt so they don’t have to play a second encore? Or is it a statement, a cry of rock ‘n’ roll defiance in an overly politically correct age. Whatever the intentions, by sparking up, Ariel Pink ends the show. Supporting Ariel Pink tonight is East Princes whose sixties psychedelic … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Wave Pictures, Eugene Tombs, The Yawns at Mono, 30/1/14

09_waves_picturesThe night opens with The Yawns, a band who have seen a lot of recognition and admiration in their short time together. They play blissful stoned-sounding guitar driven pop songs, catchy hooks floundering under waves of feedback. Their frontman Sean Armstrong, slightly-awkward-slacker archetype, quite literally yawns … Continue Reading ››