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The Wave Pictures play Artistic Vice by Daniel Johnston, Froth at CCA, 29/10/14

Daniel Johnston is famous for being brought out of obscurity by Kurt Cobain, but it is clear by the crowd here tonight that his work has impacted a wide range of people. The Wave Pictures have decided to tour his classic album Artistic Vice, showing the solid quality of the songs as well as revealing his … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Wave Pictures, Eugene Tombs, The Yawns at Mono, 30/1/14

09_waves_picturesThe night opens with The Yawns, a band who have seen a lot of recognition and admiration in their short time together. They play blissful stoned-sounding guitar driven pop songs, catchy hooks floundering under waves of feedback. Their frontman Sean Armstrong, slightly-awkward-slacker archetype, quite literally yawns … Continue Reading ››