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Late with FOUND, Supermoon, Apache Darling, The Spook School at The Lighthouse, 9/10/15

Tonight at The Lighthouse, the bands form only one of a number of events at The Lighthouse Late, an evening featuring talks, workshops, two films, a market, a DJ and burlesque, besides the gig. It’s a cool place to hang out for an evening, just by being surrounded by stuff to look at, at this sort … Continue Reading ››

The Spook School, The Middle Ones, T-Shirt Weather at The Glad Café, 9/8/15

Tonight the scandalously lackadaisical crowd at The Glad Cafe is treated to an assortment of Glasgow’s greatest post ship building export; indie pop. Far from sickly The Spook School, The Middle Ones and T-Shirt Weather reflect an alternative music scene as diverse and abrasive as ever. Three different bands from across the UK are united by a … Continue Reading ››