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EPs of 2017 (30-21)

Albums 30-21 - 20-11 - 10-1 EPs 30-21 - 20-11 - 10-1

30. Polarneck/Grand Pricks - Polarpricks [GoldMold] Grand Pricks’ offer tracks that seem to always be building, replacing toe-tapping with jumping around wanting more, raucous anti-establishment punk which manages to deliver both the simple hook … Continue Reading ››

The New Fabian Society – Choke

The title track from The New Fabian Society’s latest release (the band’s first in nearly two years) is a slow burn, crushing guitars gradually build for what seems like an eternity before erupting into a chaotic cacophony of noise. With an outro so pandemic The Black Plague want’s a word, ‘Choke’ doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and … Continue Reading ››

The New Fabian Society (EP launch), Electric Gardens, The Animal Mothers at Broadcast, 10/4/15

“Ready, Aim, Fire!” is all the introduction we are given to The Animal Mothers, it’s all they need. By the time they launch into their second song, the blistering ‘Hey, Mr Policeman!’, they have found their stride and while the audience may be small they are certainly enthralled. The band present all the influence of the psychedelic … Continue Reading ››