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Label Focus: Olive Grove Records

Having two of Scotland’s top bloggers behind a record label seems to make a lot of sense, but when Lloyd Meredith (Peenko) and Halina Rifai (Podcart) started Olive Grove back in the summer of 2010 they were just dipping their toe in. Fast forward four years and they’re pretty well established and putting out … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Celtic Connections: The Olive Grove Records Showcase at Oran Mor, 26/1/14 and Hazy Recollections at ABC, 2/2/14

DSC_8740Indie had more of a presence in this year’s Celtic Connections line-up than I’ve noticed before. Also, while the other gigs have been focused on fusion, the indie gigs have been left to their own devices. Two gigs in particular have the indie bands stacked up; the Olive … Continue Reading ››