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Live review: The Little Kicks, Nevada Base, Quaid, The Violet Moses at Tut’s 2/8/13

945967_473674086061139_1130037139_nIt's not the greatest gig in history. Not even the gig of the year, and to be completely honest I felt more thrilled with post-gig symptoms from watching some live footage on YouTube the other day. As harsh as that may sound however, it doesn't necessarily mean tonight … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Summer Nights 2012 featuring Brazil Exists, Lost City Soul, The Little Kicks, Pronto Mama at Tut’s, 12/7/12

Summer Nights 2012 kicks off tonight, promising 60 of the best new artists and bands in Scotland over 14 consecutive nights. Brazil Exists, a fun, youthful, poppy five-piece from Stirling (with a trumpet), are easy to compare with a number of local artists with their generic Scottish … Continue Reading ››