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The Duke, Detroit – Small Town Minded

Since forming in 2013, Troi Law, Dom Underwood and Jake Lawson, collectively known as The Duke, Detroit, have not only gained a positive reputation worldwide with their music, but they have also blended into the fashion world, through their work with various fashion photographers and stylists. Their new album, Small Town Minded, set to be released … Continue Reading ››

Tracks of 2014

Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’19 Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’ [Hotgem] The opening track of the Glasgow electronic trio’s latest EP, Clouds, introduced us to vocalist Julie Knox, who’s powerful and emotive voice slides brilliantly into Atom Tree’s deep synthpop, alerting people the trio on a much bigger … Continue Reading ››

The Duke, Detroit – ‘Accelerate’ [Deaf by Stereo]

The Duke, Detroit’s new single ‘Accelerate’ throws us, spinning and stumbling back in time to the mid-80s, through their use of prominent synth and keyboards. This accompanies start-stop vocals, which follow heartbeat-like drumming, until the chorus kicks in which, as the title suggests, causes the track to build and speed up. The Duke, Detroit take the vintage … Continue Reading ››

Record Review: The Duke, Detroit – ‘Saturday’ [Permwhale]

a1525495326_10Edinburgh-based dance collective The Duke, Detroit make some noise with debut single 'Saturday', it’s two and a half minutes of high tempo electro, soundtracking a hedonistic weekend gone wrong. Released under independent label Permwhale, the single is the first official release of Detroit Law's dance project. Law appears … Continue Reading ››