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Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival at Riverside Museum, 27-28/5

Festivals, especially ones as full on as Riverside, inevitably provide snapshots: moments and memories that add up to a faintly confused and nebulous whole; often intensely vivid but scattergun, nonetheless That's perhaps the whole point - an array of experiences that don't fully make sense but nonetheless coalesce into a hyperreal survival task. So it is that … Continue Reading ››

The Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival, 29-30/5/15

The Riverside romp returns: the ominous thump flooding the area and surrounding walkways with echoes of a more prosaic, but no less cultural, industrial past. As a responsible adult *cough* I decline the chance to piss in the queue on the way in - almost certainly a knowing and wit-filled nod by the micturating fellows to … Continue Reading ››