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FCK YES presents Sunshine Social, Made As Mannequins, Bedford Rascals at Tut’s, 9/9/15

Every second Wednesday of every month at Tut’s will herby be taking over by blog FCK YES as they give us three there picks for the best acts in Scotland.

Bedord Rascals

Bedford Rascals open up the night to a half decent sized crowd that fills up slightly by their last song.

They have a great sound and some excellent musicianship and consistently deliver throughout their set.

Many influences can be heard, with each song differencing in sound and genre, after a while this starts to attract the attention of the crowd, with everyone moving more towards the stage.

Bedford Rascals are likable in the way they carry themselves, with a noteworthy performance that could can the start of a lot as this band has a promising future.

Made As Mannequins

Made As Mannequins seem to have brought a lot of support with them, as well as a new drummer.

They bring an undeniable liveliness and it’s refreshing to see a band of young guys absolutely loving every minute on stage and thriving on crowd reactions.

There is some off harmonies, but their typically catchy indie vibe kills with some intense and passionate instrumental parts.

Sunshine Social2

Sunshine Social finally takes the stage after what seems like forever and you can tell from the anticipation that fills the room that much of the crowd, including myself, have seen these guys before and to some degree know exactly what to expect; a positive thing of course, as they have become known as one of the best live bands around.

Their sound is infectious as they experiment with different instruments, slight folk influences and a vibe that could simply be described as “happy”.

Sunshine Social’s distinctiveness as a band makes them a must see act and judging by the crowd I’m not the only one who believes that.

It’s a great ending to FCK YES’ launch night as the band get the crowd hyped up, before things take a step up for the last song with bags full of balloons emptied onto the frenzied crowd and the band’s standard few minutes worth of amazing percussion, played by all members.

Their set finishes, much to the dismay of everyone, still on a high from an incredible last song, but they return for an encore and finally close the night on a calmer note.

More Photos

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Words: Olivia Campbell
Photos: Elina Lin

Sunshine Social – ‘Float’

Everybody has those days where you just need to bring a little silver lining into your life; Sunshine Social carry on with their track record of producing clean, easy listening with the new single ‘Float’.

The lyrics are full of hope and the melody beckons in the springtime; light and airy, the guitar rolls along like a distant rippling seashore.

It’s a tight, well-executed track that does not disappoint.

Playing everything from Banjos to ukuleles, the six-piece, multi-instrumentalists has gone from strength to strength, after winning the Billy Kelly Songwriting Award in 2010.

‘Float’ is another prime example of their ability to provide great music, with all the atmosphere of a sweet, summer festival.

Words: Rachel Cunningham

Sunshine Social – ‘The Brace’

For Sunshine Social, 2014 has been a year of considerable momentum; with that strength certainly not diminishing as the band have finalised their debut album and anticipated this with the release of their new single, ‘The Brace’.

The multi-instrumentalists fuse indie-folk with a smattering of pop that amalgamates in to a sound for those with an eclectic ear.

‘The Brace’ explodes in to artfully written lyrics and continues in this tradition throughout as the listener is taken through waves of the harmonic emotion.

It journeys from light and winding to powerful and stormy, as you are manipulated to literally do what that track is telling you to – brace yourself for what is coming next.

In comparison to their first EP, released two years ago, the seven-piece have secured the cohesive unit that they slightly lacked in their earlier material.

Everything is pulled together in a sleek manner and although it is certainly not static, it demonstrates a sturdy ease of steady put-togetherness.

The single is undoubtedly a tour-de-force of an upcoming band that are edging their way closer to perfecting a seamless orchestra of Scottish folk that has a distinctively ambitious feel.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/176294710″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Words: Katharine Gemmell