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Tracks of 2017 (50-41)

50. Stillhound – ‘X, Y & Dread’

‘X, Y & Dread’ is a very stylish song, which is very sparing with its sound, never over-doing anything, with electronic sounds range from punchy and in your face – perhaps even discordant – to subtle, nuanced and quiet. Stillhound have a distinct style, which this release suggests is developing into maturity.

49. The Great Albatross – ‘An Evening’ [LP]

‘An Evening’ saw light of day before The Great Albatross’ superb full length, Asleep In The Kaatskills, and gave us a taster of what to expect through a warm, tender beauty of a track that draws influences from songwriter Wesley Chung’s American indie rock past and his new home of Glasgow, while the addition of backing vocals from Jo Mango are a delight in themself.

48. Meursault – ‘Klopfgeist’ [Song, by Toad]

Much like a few tracks on this list picking picking a track from an album proved difficult, in this case Meursault’s sublime I Will Kill Again. ‘Klopfgeist’ is a hypnotic track that builds from a ghostly opening to a warm piano line and Neil Pennycook’s impressive vocals. It’s a shiver inducing track when heard by itself, but do yourself a favour and listen to it as part of the bigger picture.

47. Reverieme (Louise Connell) – ‘Ten Feet Tall’

As soon as the opening drum fill kicks the track into life, ‘Ten Feet Tall’ sounds as massive as it’s title would suggest. It wouldn’t sound out of place on Ryan Adams’ earlier work, with thunderous guitars crashing over a piercing organ wail as Reverieme’s, aka Louise Connell, gorgeous vocal flutters between tender beauty, and soaring grandiosity.

46. K Anderson – ‘Cluttered’

In a track that focuses on the cloudy section of relationship where you can’t quite tell if it’s something substantial or just a fling K Anderson has taken a step away from his regular material with a track that oozes pop sensibilities , while maintaining his wry witticisms. It’s an undeniably catchy affair with bassy squelch and plucky guitars that digs right in and has you tapping your feet without even knowing it.

45. Best Girl Athlete – ‘Cigarette Dreams’ [Fitlike]

It was difficult to pick a standout from Best Girl Athlete’s self titled second album, but in the end we’ve plumbed for the cinematic 90s acoustic dreamy pur your heart out along stunner  ‘Cigarette Dreams’. Katie Buchan’s soulful voice is hear accompanied by sweeping strings to give as good a taste as any of this fantastic release.

44. Bystandereffect – ‘Old Cramps T Shirt’

Bystandereffect is, if nothing else, unique, and ‘Old Cramps T Shirt’ is a haunting, bizarre, dream-like experimental single. Filled with unusual production techniques and effects, this single is rhythmic, versatile and enjoyable, whetting the appetite for any releases suggesting the “electronic sludge” outfit – as they refer to themselves as – has a lot of ammunition. Not showy or contrived but loose and airy, as creepy vocal work cascades over the unusual electronic elements nicely, generating something seldom heard.

43. Pictish Trail – ‘Strange Sun’ [Lost Map]

‘Strange Sun’ is almost objectively original; in terms of lyrics, atmosphere, theme and the use of instruments, this is a mature and out of the ordinary effort. A dreamy, creeping and sprawling piece, this is a bold single that wanders lovingly through decades of influence; packaging together something simultaneously light and dark, jovial and serious. This is the basis for art and – love it or hate it or something in-between it – should be respected in the music industry.

42. Sun Rose – ‘Smirk’ [Last Night From Glasgow]

Sun Rose emerged out of the ashes of Nevada Base this year with debut single ‘Smirk’, a rejuvenation of 80s synth with a nice Glaswegian twist. The track is so characteristic of 80s electronic synth its like a flashback, a friendly nostalgia that brings on inadvertent toe tapping and head nodding; it’s difficult to stay still when you hear this one play. At first ‘Smirk’ appears deceivingly simple, but in fact offers a much more interesting and complex weave of musicality; a spectacle to behold.

41. Jonnie Common – ‘Restless’ [Song, by Toad]

Questioning, dissatisfaction with the milieu and poking at working life are all themes of this single from Jonnie Common. A master of word play and poetic prowess, Common meanders through ideas about the world and dreams of what could be; it’s a light-hearted soundtrack formed around some deep ideas. The track starts like a laidback stroll on a Sunday afternoon, the soft drum brushes paint a calmness that juxtaposes the ‘Restless’ sentiment of the tune itself. Arpeggiated chords frame sweet melodies that feature electronic blips, this neat addition makes everything that little bit more playful.

Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017

In a chaotic affair we ending out not having any reviewers up at Belladrum this year, but we felt we’d be missing out if we called a halt on our photographers Allan Lewis and Stewart Fullerton going, so up they went and they got some great shots. Here’s some of the picks that we thought we’d share.



























Reverieme – ‘Ten Feet Tall’

Following on from last year’s long-awaited debut album, Straw Woman, singer-songwriter Louise Connell, better known as Reverieme, has wasted no time in releasing new material with ‘Ten Feet Tall’.

As soon as the opening drum fill kicks the track into life, ‘Ten Feet Tall’ sounds as massive as it’s title would suggest.

It wouldn’t sound out of place on Ryan Adams’ earlier work, with thunderous guitars crashing over a piercing organ wail as Connell’s gorgeous vocal flutters between tender beauty, and soaring grandiosity.

B-side ‘No Visitors’ provides a more mellow alternative – a morbid, acoustic ballad about an “old dear” who dies in hospital with no company as she withers away.

As Connell sings “maybe no one out there loves her, it’s half past three on the ward and still no visitors”, never has a song about lonely death sounded so enchanting.

Reverieme releases are like buses – after a long wait for her first album, she has followed it up almost instantaneously with new music which is equally as special.

The Airdrie-born songstress clearly realises that she is currently going through a fruitful spell, and a mini LP and full length album are both pencilled in for later in the year.

On the basis of her recent output, there is little to doubt that she will exceed their already excellent standards.

Words: Graham McCusker

Premiere: Reverieme – ‘Sure’

‘Sure’ is the third track to make it to video from Reverieme‘s third full-length, the intrinsically beautiful Straw Woman, and it’s our pleasure to be the first to bring it to you here at Rave Child.

The video sees Reverieme, aka Louise Connell, lab coated and goggled up, fluttering around with various scientific looking experiments, using a set of props potentially borrowed from the school where she does her day job.

We have no idea how good a teacher Connell actually is , but with her releases to date, and the track on show here, if she’s half as delightful a teacher as she is a musician then those kids are onto a winner.

The track in question, ‘Sure’, is arguably the most catchy on Straw Woman; it’s the pop tinged centre that contrasts against some of the darker beauties on the record with Connell’s vocal talents utilised to the full on an infectious chorus that sit atop a charming indie folk backdrop.

Reverieme – ‘Venus’ [9th Story]

The Staves must have misplaced a sister; it’s the only logical explanation as Reverieme exposes a voice that would melt iron on her latest track ‘Venus’.

Whilst I scratch my head trying to remember how to spell R E V E R I E M E, I levitate harmoniously along as the song continuously ascends.

Opening with a few bars of atmospheric bass and slide guitar the single begins like a road movie suitably creating anticipation for the jaunt into this teacher/ songwriter’s thoughts.

The simple guitar picking and sprinkling xylophone echoes in a way that supports the theme of the track, which tries to digest the planet-sized scale of love in comparison to one person.

Already praised by Lauren Laverne on 6Music there is joy to be found in the ease of pace which in essence fluctuates like The Shins.

I am reminded that people who speak quietly can pull you in closer, Reverieme capitalises on that and I am happy to cup my ear to listen to the vitality of her subtle inflections in Glaswegian.

Reverieme has already supported the likes of Gotye and Newton Faulkner, but now she is set to make solar waves in her own right with the release of debut album Straw Woman.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/246686829″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Words: Mhairi MacDonald

Tracks of 2015 (20-11)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums

20 Tuff Love - Duke20 Tuff Love – Duke [Lost Map]

Eerie harmonic vocals combine with jangling rhythmic guitar to produce elusive lo-fi sounds in ‘Duke’, arguably the pick of the tracks featured on two wondrous EPs fro Tuff Love in 2015. The lyrics are meshed in amongst distorted melodies, the chorus is catchy, but not so infectious that you won’t want to set your player to repeat. What’s most impressive with Tuff Love is their ability to craft expert musicality and sophistication while sounding like a comforting dream-cloud and ‘Duke’ is prime example of this. (Rachel Cunningham)

19 SACRED PAWS - Vince19 SACRED PAWS – Vince [Rock Action]

SACRED PAWS deliver short, sharp blows in the offbeat ‘Vince’, which feels a little raw, but this only adds to the band’s charm and personality. The girls mix cross-rhythms and shimmering guitar to create an energetic melody, which they impressively manage to not only keep up with, but also delicately arrange, multi-layered vocals that end in superb harmonies. The track’s post-punk, poly-rhythmic approach to percussion really packs a punch! (Jess Lavin)

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/189636522″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

18 Reverieme - Plankton18 Reverieme – Plankton [9th Story]

The dreamy passages of Louise Connell aka Reverieme’s Or Else The Light EP was a hauntingly wonderful depiction of love and loss and the strummed ukulele of ‘Plankton’ shone out at the release’s standout. You can’t help but be arrested by the expression in Connell’s voice, a heart wrenching juxtaposition of defeat and hope. Her declaration that the song’s afflatus is “…so much like a planktonic woman” is a devastating indictment aimed to show how passivity can be as damaging as jealousy and similar emotions within any relationship.

17 Adam Stafford - Atheist Money17 Adam Stafford – Atheist Money [Song, by Toad]

It may have came out early in 2015, but as with the majority of Adam Stafford’s releases ‘Atheist Money’ stayed in the memory well up to the end of the year and will continue this with its feature on 2016 full length Taser Revelations. Stafford is always one for the finer details and this is no different, ‘Atheist Money’ is full of the all the wonder and beauty you’d expect as churning loops build up to spectacular heights and soar back down; powerful, powerful stuff.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/199655678″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

16 Youngstrr Joey - Michael16 Youngstrr Joey – Michael [Number4Door]

The opener and stand out track on Cal Donelly aka Youngstrr Joey’s Cheerleader, release earlier in the year, ‘Michael’ possesses rumbling lo-fi guitars and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. It’s not entirely clear who exactly Donelly’s Michael is, but that’s the beauty of it – everyone has their own version of Michael who they want to show them “how to be cool”.

15 Hudson Mohawke - Ryderz15 Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz [Warp]

It’s no surprise that HudMo’s ended up with two tracks in this list, Lantern was positively hoatching with potential bangers and ‘Ryderz’ could easily be the pick of the bunch, as Birchard builds on a D.J. Rogers soul cut and lets it be, well for a minute or so, before he demonstrates just why he’s one of the best maximalist producers out there right now, bringing out every tool in his electronic box to produce a piece of wonder that drops perfectly out of nowhere and has you screaming “watch out for the ryderz” at the top of your lungs.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/200522375″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

14 CARBS - Stick A Flake In Me (I’m Done)14 CARBS – Stick A Flake In Me (I’m Done) [Save As]

Never would I have thought “Mr. Whippy” and “Margaret Thatcher” be paired in a sentence. This is just one of the many elegantly constructed lines in ‘Stick a Flake in Me (I’m Done)’ that has been cased in a re-worked version of an old ice cream van theme tune. The child-like perspective pairs well with the Gameboy-style melody, which is magically presented in a series of syncopated beats and pleasing harmonies. CARBS’ single is a playful gem that will take the edge of any bad day and give you a wee education in ice cream to boot. (Rachel Cunningham)

13 BDY_PRTS - Cold Shoulder13 BDY_PRTS – Cold Shoulder

‘Cold Shoulder’ presents a sleek, fresh and futuristic pop sound; essentially the antithesis of most things Scottish. Regardless, Jill and Jenny sing with their accents proudly on show like weird, Caledonian android sisters (despite one of them having a noticeable, yet beautiful American twang). It begins with minimal percussive drum machine elements bouncing around under crunchy power chords before sprawling into a distant and expansive chorus section that conjures the imagine of Neo-Glasgow invented in the mind of a manga artist. While the vocal harmonies are notably affecting and effective, the single’s standout feature is its marriage of raw analog guitars with clean and clinical digital production; this painterly sound choice creates interesting dynamics above the simple song form. BDY_PRTS have a sound unlike any other band this year and ‘Cold Shoulder’ exemplifies this achievement. (Liam Gingell)

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/196883477″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

12 Man of Moon - The Road12 Man of Moon – The Road [Melodic]

At the tail end of 2014 we caught Man of Moon for the first time, playing to a smattering of people as the opening act for Merchandise at Stereo, even then their intelligent slow burning grooves and guarded yet gritty vocals were impressive. This year they seem to have come on leaps and bounds and debut single ‘The Road’ is the jewel in the band’s year, the building instrumentals crash into huge noise, in as catchy and addictive a way as possible and has us eagerly waiting for more in 2016.

11 Dune Witch Trails - Goldenrod Cigar11 Dune Witch Trails – Goldenrod Cigar

‘Goldenrod Cigar’ is completely symbolic of what Dune Witch Trails do so well. The loose off kilter guitars lay the foundation for the equally as slack vocal delivery. Clocking in at just over two minutes, it captivates you in its organised mayhem and simplicity. Dune Witch Trails are one of the most exciting guitar bands out at the moment and ‘Goldenrod Cigar’ is the perfect introduction.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/212051043″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums

Reverieme – Or Else The Light [9th Story]

In contrast to her previous musical foray, With Up So Floating, Reverieme (or Louise Connell as she’s known when not in a dream sequence) has created a collection of simple, elegant songs to set your heart aflutter.

As WUPF stated its intention with higher production value and an unmistakable immediacy, new EP Or Else The Light somehow drifts into the room like a welcome friend who happens to bear a pleasing resemblance to 2010 album Melodies, but one who has grown up, learned a few things and now firmly knows their emotional self.

First track ‘Venus’ is a soaring opener and sets the tone by showcasing the wonderful laid back string play present within this seven track EP.

Nothing normally beats the sound of a beautifully strummed ukulele, yet while listening to ‘Plankton’ the listener can’t help but be arrested by the expression in Connell’s voice, which is a heart wrenching juxtaposition of defeat and hope.

Her declaration that the song’s afflatus is “…so much like a planktonic woman” is a devastating indictment aimed to show how passivity can be as damaging as jealousy and similar emotions within any relationship.

The sea and its current is a common trope employed by Reverieme, and with a knowing dash of science here and there, Connell has written one of her greatest pieces in ‘Golem’.

It’s a song in which an emotional tide rolls in leaving the listener rapt in the singers devastating ability to not only construct great work, but a song so conscious in its effort to finger point human frailty and the universality of sorrow that you know she’s felt the same pain you have.

‘Nocturnal Baby’ again portrays, if you needed further illustration, the unavoidability of loneliness and anguish when someone you truly loved is no longer there.

The truth inherent in the refrain “nothing reminds you of time like a clock in the night” completely nails the state of the human condition during isolation and those nights in which time draws out like a long knife.

Buy this EP; you need this EP; it is quite simply a wonderful and devastating depiction of the frequency and commonality of love and loss.

Words: David McPhee

Martha Ffion, The Pooches, Reverieme at The Hug and Pint, 13/8/15

Some pretty bizarre, yet all in all positive, mitigating circumstances see me only making it down for the last song of Louise Connell’s, aka Reverieme, set.

Still, from what I see she comes across comfortable bantering with the crowd before closing on a mandolin only track, that’s leagues better than the last act I saw just toting said instrument.

The track is stripped back from her darkly melancholic, yet at times jaunty pop tinged folk recordings, and comes across honest and delighting with a clear, angelic vocal that soothes a healthily full basement.

The Pooches

Glasgow four-piece pop merchants The Pooches are up next and they instantly endear themselves to you with short, sharp indie pop ditties that expel as much c86 glory as they do the charmingly, possibly intentionally, naïve vibes of Daniel Johnston.

The Pooches draw on a scene that Glasgow holds so dear and they pull it off successfully, enchanting the gathered crowd with relaxing and cheeky songs that are full of warmth and honesty, and just make you feel right at home.

Bizarrely enough it is during this set that I, and no doubt everyone else in the basement, witness someone being ushered out of a gig of this size of venue for the first time; apparently a fiver was too much to part with for some.

This doesn’t seem to affect the guys on stage though as they cruise through an ever-charming set, which includes a cover of The Cascades 60s pop classic ‘Rhythm of the Rain’.

Martha ffion1 copy

Then it’s the turn of tonight’s headliner, my only time witnessing Martha Ffion previously had been during a support slot before the bewitching Jessica Pratt, where she more than did herself justice with just a guitar as support.

Tonight she has a full band in tow, featuring members of some of Glasgow’s top live acts, and after we covered them at Wickerman and supporting Colleen Green a couple of weeks back, the verdict has been more than favourable.

What instantly strikes from that stripped back set is the much rockier vibe given to Ffion’s retro pop sound; perhaps there are points where a pounding rhythm out shadows her vocal intricacies, but on the whole it makes for a much more engrossing end product.

Still, Ffion’s ethereal 60s pop sound shines through with plenty of surf grunge 90s energy bubbling its way to the surface, as the endearing singer grasps the rooms attention with immaculate ease.

During a gap in songs the bassline of Sugarhill Gang classic ‘Rapper’s Delight’ forms an intro to what fast appears to be one of the acts favourite stories, and quite rightly so as Ffion tells of them filling in for the hip-hop legends at this year’s Wickerman.

The A-side to their recent Lost Map single ‘No Applause’ follows, and it simply oozes 60s pop influences, delivered with sparkling vocals that lift to the forefront of a track that would put a spring in anyone’s step.

It’s quite clear that Ffion and co.’s set is going down well and as the vocalist announces their last song she’s met with groans from a conquered audience; closer and new track ‘School Nurse’ ends the set with an focused vocal and building rhythm that powers forward before exploding in full on pop glory; reckon we’ve got a lot to look forward to with these guys

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Sophie Morrison