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Poor Frisco – ‘Weird In The Suburbs’

The third track to be released from Poor Frisco’s debut album, Sheep’s Clothing, ‘Weird In The Suburbs’ displays their confident ability to create a gritty and intense track, while maintaining an underlying guitar hook and steady vocals. This style continues until around halfway through, where the intensity increases as the vocals are heightened and the music … Continue Reading ››

A Quiet Night In presents Wild Image (EP launch), Life Model, Poor Frisco at Sleazy’s, 18/3/16

It seems a fair while since A Quiet Night In has put on a show and chatting with the man behind the moniker, David Bell, it indeed has been, still the shows he has put on in the past usually showcase quality upcoming bands so they’re always worth popping along to. Tonight is no different as … Continue Reading ››

King Tut’s Summer Nights with Made As Mannequins, Poor Frisco, Broken Boy, Saint Secaire, 23/7/15

I’m in high sprits as I make my way along to King Tut’s for my first of their Summer Nights. Tonight’s show is one of the few that really caught my eye with a few of my current favourites filling the lineup. First up is the only band I don’t recognise but I assume by the rest … Continue Reading ››

Poor Frisco – ‘Take What You Want’

The new single from alt-rockers Poor Frisco, ‘Take What You Want’, steers more towards an indie-pop sound rather than their usual alternative feel. Vocals from Callum McSorely accompany repetitive guitar and bass that is, at times, accelerated alongside heavier drumming, providing lifting moments from the clean and structured guitar riff played throughout. ‘Take What You Want’ is … Continue Reading ››

Poor Frisco – ‘A Tick Ahead’

Poor Frisco’s new single ‘A Tick Ahead’ provokes a certain kind of sentimentality with its chorus effect guitars, creative structure and passionate, pining lyrics. The track fades in with feedback and introduces a clean guitar sound, which then breaks away to the centralised riff of the song; an upbeat, overdriven and simplistic melody, which holds a … Continue Reading ››

EPs of 2014

Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy18 Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy With Remedy & Therapy, Mutch has managed to present us with five remarkable tracks well worth spilling out of any speaker or set of headphones over the winter period and we’d be fools not … Continue Reading ››