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Track of 2017 (30-21)

30. Siobhan Wilson - ‘Whatever Helps’ [Song, by Toad] Immediately, ‘Whatever Helps’ shows off a more darker tone than Siobhan Wilson’s earlier, more twee-sounding material; the delicately soft vocal remain, but it is now layered, and more ominous sounding. An ode to fighting against a lost love, … Continue Reading ››

EPs of 2017 (20-11)

Albums 30-21 - 20-11 - 10-1 EPs 30-21 - 20-11 - 10-1

20. GURL+++ - Nerv00se Nerv00se is the latest peek into the mind of Aberdeen based producer GURL+++, and it’s an interesting piece. The genre defying release utilises heavily cut up vocals, elements of hip-hop, … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Fiction Christmas Party with FOREIGNFOX, Mt. Doubt, ACRYLIC, wojtek the bear at The Hug and Pint, 22/12/17

Mulled Buckfast and Christmas cookies are the order of the day as things get warm and festive in the sold out Hug and Pint basement for the sold out Scottish Fiction Christmas party, which features pretty much the full roster of the former radio show, podcast, blog come record label and gives a delightful alternative … Continue Reading ››

Mt. Doubt – ‘Tourists’ [Scottish Fiction]

Following the positive response to Mt. Doubt’s critically acclaimed albums In Awe of Nothing and My Past is a Quiet Beast, March saw the release of new single ‘Tourists’. It’s a story about Leo Bargery’s fear of flying and the tone is tongue and cheek, while the melody is a smooth, free-flowing mantra. The composition is sincere … Continue Reading ››

Mt. Doubt – The Loneliness of the TV Watchers [Scottish Fiction]

Mt. Doubt started out as chief songwriter Leo Bargery’s solo project, but after two full length releases the Edinburgh-based sextet have delivered their most collaborative work to date. Though you might not guess from its curmudgeonly title, this EP is the first of Mt. Doubt’s work that actually feels like a group effort and this new … Continue Reading ››

Mt. Doubt – ‘Thirst’ [Scottish Fiction]

‘Thirst’ is the third single from Edinburgh-based Mt. Doubt’s second album, In Awe of Nothing, and its mellow-yet-captivating sound makes it an addictive listen. It’s atmospheric and full of excellent lyrics, two things we’ve come to expect from Mt. Doubt which they always do so well. There’s a slightly haunting feel to the track, especially in the … Continue Reading ››

Tenement Trail, 8/10/16

My Tenement Trail starts in the Sleazy’s basement, following a visit to Love Music for a caringly delivered in-store from Edinburgh’s booming charmer Mt. Doubt, who airs a few new tracks which sound as cosy as any of his previous material despite singer Leo Bargery forgetting the words of one of said songs. Still, his disgusted … Continue Reading ››