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Blank Realm, MONICA, Acting Strange at The Hug and Pint, 28/9/15

Opening act Acting Strange, who happen to share a name with headline act Blank Realm’s opening track to their third album, Go Easy, are the first of two excellent support acts, who both draw upon the subversive aesthetic of, but both in an entirely different manner from tonight’s headliners The band’s set fully embraces out-of-tune guitars, … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Green Party Fundraiser with Adam Stafford, MONICA, Sonny Carntyne at The Glad Cafe, 31/1/14

adamstaffordAcoustic sets tend to be hit or miss; esoterically stripping a band to their fundamentally and most basic proponents. It is a process of retrospectively unpacking maturated structures and reworking habitually tangible pieces of artistry, already embedded within the sub-conscious realm of their material creators. The process can … Continue Reading ››