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SOUNDING with Lomond Campbell & Modern Studies with Pumpkinseeds Chamber Orchestra at Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh, 21/8/17

Amid the comedy chaos of the Edinburgh Fringe, tonight’s SOUNDING showcase in Stockbridge Church offers a tranquil grove in which to look up and take stock of the sheer lyric beauty that is contemporary Scottish indie. Swapping the raucous Royal Mile for an enchanting venue in the leafy suburbs, SOUNDING features three nights of music from … Continue Reading ››

Ones to Watch: Electric Fields 2017

Electric Fields was one of the highlights of last year’s festival season, a bargain price and some stellar acts combined with a fully fledged but also kid friendly festival atmosphere to make it a festival that won’t have many people saying no to. This year they look to capitalise on the absense of T in the … Continue Reading ››

Modern Studies – Swell to Great [Song, by Toad]

Modern Studies recorded their debut album in a Perthshire studio named Pumpkinfield, and released it a few days before the annual harvest moon. This sets the scene for a record steeped in rural folk, which paints lush landscapes of story and sound with its array of instrumentation, ranging from delicate arpeggios of harp to analogue synths … Continue Reading ››