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King Tut’s Summer Nights with SubKonsious & A-Macc, Loki, Kid Robotik, 29/7/15

A gathering that Tut’s probably hasn't seen for a while; certainly a young crowd and a tribe not often seen in here... or other similar venues come to that. Tonight offers an illuminating insight into an unfamiliar (to me at least) diaspora of the rap family; the Caledonian version. It's an entertaining array, but there's a bigger … Continue Reading ››

Loki with Becci Wallace – Government Issue Music Protest [Black Lantern]

If ever there was an album that you ought to experience "unspoiled", this is it – to reveal lines, themes, twists and turns could detract from the overall presentation and journey of the 74-minute epic that is Government Issue Music Protest, or, G.I.M.P. We are living in post-referendum Scotland, and G.I.M.P. is our state of the … Continue Reading ››