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Lemonhaze – ‘Morning Sun’ [Liquid Smoke]

Paisley-born five-piece Lemonhaze have returned with their new single ‘Morning Sun’ and, as expected from the band, the energy and power in the track is far from lacking. The track contains all the expected components of a traditional indie rock track, however it is very well structured and builds into a noticeably experimental crescendo towards the … Continue Reading ››

Lemonhaze – ‘Feel’ [Twin City/Twisted Clam/Liquid Smoke]

‘Feel’ is the new single from Paisley band Lemonhaze and it begins with rippling guitar that quickly increases in pace and is accompanied by drums adding intensity and speed. This alternating pace continues throughout the band switch from a slow and melodic sound to an upbeat, dance tempo. “I rely on your soul, to make me feelContinue Reading ››