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Ewan Cruickshanks – ‘Faster Than a Snake’ [Armellodie]

In a mini-EP that’s nearly shorter in total runtime than a lot of songs at just over six minutes, Ewan Cruickshanksmanages to showcase his diversity rather than trying to tell a story in a concept release or present his “sound” in a unilateral fashion.

‘Faster Than a Snake’ is an interesting one thats production feels both throwaway and well considered at the same time.

It announces an unusual and somewhat uneasy arrival of an ambiguous subject in a style that could be likened to anything by Mark Everett of the Eels.

Cruikshanks does a great job of not leaving this song to feel too polished and doesn’t over develop it either – this feels like someone in control of their craft, and someone who knows the value of when to stop.

The second and third tracks could not be more different, the spoken word piece ‘Poor Wee Jim’ brings a decidedly Ivor Cutler tone to proceedings and tells a simple tale of finding love and acceptance in proper Scots, in which colloquialisms give gravity to save this from being any other tale you’ve heard.

Finally, we have ‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’, which is a playful and unapologetically Meta song that has a childish nature to it and seems built on an in-joke.

As whimsical as the song is, it still holds together well to paint a picture again in the oblique and esoteric way that Cruikshanks seems so adept at.

If you seek a truly fresh approach, and aren’t fixated on genres, you could do worse than give Faster Than a Snake six minutes of your time.

Words: Krist McKenna

Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18

Tonight looks a fantastic evening filled with lots of great new up and coming bands, both the bar and the venue spaces of King Tut’s are used all night to bring the audience eight bands in total.

Kicking off the night is Herbert Powell with punchy songs and big guitar sounds; the audience start to trickle in in dribs and drabs as the band play out their set.

The sound this band had is quite unique at times, which makes them very interesting and helped them stand out from the numerous other artists on the bill, along with an energetic frontman who gives a brilliant performance.

The audience usher themselves down stairs to catch Ewan Cruickshanks (Crooky) who plays a nice set of soft rock song as the bar starts to get very busy with more people coming out.

Next up is dream pop band Life Model with their lovely well-structured songs; their set is lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The band look to have an amazing time on stage dancing about and showing themselves to be a band with real chemistry and the lead singers vocals were stunning.

West Princes took to the bar stage next, they’re a great lively fun band who really got everyone moving about and enjoying themselves.

They filled the small stage with an energetic upbeat set; this band is a fantastic band with amazing dynamics and a fantastic grasp on song writing.

Shredd are next up and with their fiery energy they explode on to the stage with an amazing set that the crowd really loved.

They have an amazing vibe about them and bring to the stage a massive full on sound with their relentless guitars and drums.

By the time The Bellybuttons and ST.MARTiiNs take to the stage the crowd are full psyched.

Both bands gave an incredible performance with ST.MARTiiNs warming up the main stage for Catholic Action.

They are a highly charismatic band with a sensational vibe to them and are clearly masters at what they do.

The dynamics and song structures throughout are astounding and they have the audience eating out the palm of their hands the entire set.

It is fast paced and high energy and absolutely epic.

‘Black and White’, from their debut album In Memory Of, goes down an absolute storm with the audience who are joining in and having a great time.

We are also treated to some new music with the promise of a second album in the works.

Lead singer, Chris McCrory gives an incredible vocal performance, while maintaining his witty lines between songs.

On a whole, the gig and all the bands were incredible and showed how versatile and fresh Glasgow’s music scene is.

Singing along to the songs, the audience are given a night to remember by Catholic Action and all their friends who perform too.

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Words: Shannon Cullen
Photos: Brendan Waters