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Depeche Choad – ‘I Hate Cats/Dead Mole Party’

Depeche Choad are tremendous; their records sound like they came from a bootleg version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater that everyone should play. ‘I Hate Cats’ is thematically consistent in music and in lyrics to the title of the song itself. The lyric “I hate cats” gives way to other pet peeves including a hatred of “tuna … Continue Reading ››

Joyce Delaney, Bird Law, Depeche Choad, Codist at The Old Hairdressers, 14/1/17

It heartens me to see at least 50 people paying into a local gig on a Saturday night in Glasgow. There is scarcely room to move from the word go in The Old Hairdressers, which isn’t a surprise given the line up. Lovingly put together by independent promoter and diverse music maker Kapil Seshasayee, this gig is … Continue Reading ››