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CHVRCHES, The Twilight Sad at The Hydro, 2/4/16

Anyone presuming CHVRCHES have experienced something akin to overnight success is likely unfamiliar with the list of bands Lauren Mayberry rattles through, which the trio had a hand in during previous lives prior to CHVRCHES formation. She talks of the significance of playing such a venue tonight, a place not many homegrown acts will ever experience, … Continue Reading ››

CHVRCHES, Lizzo at The Barrowlands, 4/11/14

There's always something particularly pleasing about a band's triumphant return to their home town after a long stint on the road, and tonight CHVRCHES are back in Glasgow for their second and final night at The Barrowlands. Opening for the night's headliners, Minneapolis rapper Lizzo isn't perhaps the most obvious choice, but even with the crowd … Continue Reading ››

T in the Park, Sunday, 13/7/14

It’s only fitting that the last day of live music in Balado in bathed in sunshine and a total relief after yesterday’s torrential downpours threatened the ground’s integrity and surely left a few with puddles in their tents. Starting the day at the King Tut’s Tent where a mixed crowd gather to see two very different … Continue Reading ››

T in the Park, Friday, 11/7/14

There’s sweltering sunshine around the now legendary grounds of Balado, and Scotland’s biggest festival is ready to say one big goodbye to the airfield that many have enjoyed the best parties of their lives in for just short of two decades. Yes, T in the Park, whether you personally love it or hate it does have … Continue Reading ››

Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 29/5/14

With being a somewhat Primavera veteran, at least compared to my contributors attending the festival this year, I decided to let them take the writing and actually cut loose and enjoy myself, well why change what happens every year – the wear and tear of a 7am finish and the seemingly constant drilling around Barcelona … Continue Reading ››

CHVRCHES – ‘We Sink’ [Virgin/Goodbye]

‘We Sink’ is a slice of bittersweet polyphonic pop that should appeal to more than just a melancholy Mario, the upbeat 8-bit synthesizer contrast and complements Lauren Mayberry’s sweet and desperate and vocals. The simple yet ambiguous lyrics could be interpreted as hopeful or hopeless depending on your mindset. The song doesn’t force or manipulate your emotions … Continue Reading ››

Rave Child Top 20 tracks of 2013

top 20

2013 has been the first full year that Rave Child has been running content on a regular basis so it’s only fitting that we a run a best of 2013.

Now, I appreciate I can’t listen to everything, the fact that a new … Continue Reading ››