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Tenement Trail Festival, 4/10/14

Today, the Tenement TV team go from the very white living room in front of a camera to some very colourful live venues in front of hundreds of music fans, this is the second Tenement Trail festival encapsulating five of Glasgow’s most popular venues, and over 30 of Scotland’s most promising acts. We begin in the … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Boxer Rebellion, Cherri Fosphate at SWG3, 13/2/14

_MG_1335Cherri Fosphate’s studio releases are in no way indicative - nor do they qualm the unknowing gap of preparatory anticipation - of capturing the bands’ energy and prowess as a live unit. Without negating the quality of their EP, Burning Youth, or single, ‘Pretend’, - live they come … Continue Reading ››