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Celtic Connections: Beth Orton, Blue Rose Code at ABC, 2/2/18

With Celtic Connections drawing to a close, it’s up to nights like this to really cement the diversity of talent a city-wide festival can attract to its doors. Up first is Edinburgh-raised Ross Wilson, aka Blue Rose Code, kicking things off with fresh cuts from his critically-acclaimed third album, 2017’s The Water of Leith. Flanked by … Continue Reading ››

Beth Orton, Brodka at Saint Lukes, 2/10/16

Saint Lukes, with all its Calton charm and the stained-glass prettiness of a church conversion, is the perfect venue for Beth Orton - returning goddess of electronic folk, who is as equally ethereal as she is down-to-earth. Orton, who emerged from a diversity of collaborative efforts during the 1990s (working with the likes of William Orbit … Continue Reading ››