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Gone Wishing /Behold, The Old Bear – Split [Scottish Fiction]

The trick with a good split EP is making sure the bands aren’t so radically different that most people will only like side A or side B, but nor are they so similar that you can’t distinguish which song belongs to which band. With this split cassette (the second tape released by Scottish Fiction for International … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Listen to Behold, The Old Bear’s release for Cassette Store Day

Behold, The Old Bear take making fun, quirky and inventive pop music very seriously. 'Restless Days' comes from their forthcoming cassette split with Gone Wishing, which will be released via Scottish Fiction for Cassette Store Day on September 27 and we're giving you an exclusive chance to stream the track here on … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Advance Base, Machines in Heaven, Behold the Old Bear at Sleazy’s, 10/7/13

Advance Base 8It may seem like your average Wednesday evening, but in truth nothing of what’s about to go down comes near what you’d perceive as average, or ordinary in the slightest. The fact that Glasgow’s been boiling hot for several days is evidence enough that things … Continue Reading ››