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Loki with Becci Wallace – Government Issue Music Protest [Black Lantern]

If ever there was an album that you ought to experience "unspoiled", this is it – to reveal lines, themes, twists and turns could detract from the overall presentation and journey of the 74-minute epic that is Government Issue Music Protest, or, G.I.M.P. We are living in post-referendum Scotland, and G.I.M.P. is our state of the … Continue Reading ››

Connections of a Celtic Kind: Stanley Odd recommends Hazy Recollections

252321_10150969755224901_1144272956_nSomething that absolutely sets Celtic Connections apart from other festivals is the way in which it not just highlights but actively encourages acts, and even genres, to find common ground and collaborate. Yeah, sure, there’s some sharing at T in the Park and the likes, … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Clock, Holy Childhood, Becci Wallace at The Roxy 171, 26/4/11

The Clock - or frontman Calum Stewart partnered by Holy Childhood guitarist Barry Lee, in any case - open proceedings at this press/promo night for the compact, cavernous basement venue on Great Western Road, The Roxy 171. While busy waitresses divest themselves of platters of food, … Continue Reading ››