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BBC Radio 6 Music Festival Fringe presents Le Thug, Arm Watches Fingers, MC Almond Milk at The Glad Cafe, 22/3/17

Save As Collective – Glasgow’s premier alternative electronic label – showcase some tremendous local talent as part of the Fringe of the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival at The Glad Cafe. The place begins to fill up as James Scott aka. MC Almond Milk – one of … Continue Reading ››

Arm Watches Fingers – Sensi Cut

Glasgow producer Arm Watches Fingers releases Sensi Cut, the latest addition to an exemplary discography, referencing and drawing inspiration from some of the finest in the genre. But what is 'the genre'? On the outer fringes of the electronic music scene at the moment it is hard to pinpoint releases outside the rubbery-bassline deep house bracket. Sensi CutContinue Reading ››