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Aidan Moffat – “Where You’re Meant to Be” film + performance at Barrowlands, 19/2/16

There is a highly anticipated feeling to Glasgow's famous Barrowlands Ballroom tonight as those in attendance feel they are in for something special. Of course, for some, there will be a slight sense of deja vu, as roughly 18 months ago, Aidan Moffat & band performed Where You're Meant to Be at this very venue, culminating … Continue Reading ››

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – Dilf_77 Would Like to Chat [Chemikal Underground]

Dilf_77 Would Like To Chat immediately dances into life; the opening track of its namesake is an unusual homage to disco, stylized with Aidan Moffat’s trademark bloke-ish vocals. It’s a change from Moffat and Bill Wells’ usual bleak affair, setting aside melodic jazz, Wells lays down a disco arrangement that just screams Nile Rogers. ‘Dilf_77 Would Like … Continue Reading ››

Where You’re Meant to Be at The Barrowlands, 17/5/15

It becomes apparent when entering the Barrowlands tonight that this gig will be unlike any other; tickets to the Aidan Moffat headlined Where You’re Meant to Be tour were snapped up instantly, there is however no greedy scrum for the front. The crowd is made up of people of all ages, many of whom are strewn … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Concert to Save the Sighthill Stone Circle at Platform, 27/7/13

sighthill-0341Six pm, Saturday night; as heavens opened over Glasgow’s east-end, temperatures soar inside Platform and the entirely inimitable, reliably provocative Aidan Moffat takes to the stage to unleash his own thunder, thus setting a tone for the remainder of the night - one of brilliance. The gig, … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Wee Chill at SWG3, 29/6/13

James Yorkston with Sparrow and the Workshop-1 It's clear that The Wee Chill has pushed the boat out for their 10th birthday celebrations; a line up packed with the latest hyped bands circulating around Glasgow along with old heroes of the scene, all congregating in a well-suited … Continue Reading ››