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Album of 2014

Andrew Person & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss17 Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common] A combination of two endearing singer-songwriters, brought together under the umbrella of Common Records in the dismal Glaswegian rain, resulting in an equally … Continue Reading ››

EPs of 2014

Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy18 Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy With Remedy & Therapy, Mutch has managed to present us with five remarkable tracks well worth spilling out of any speaker or set of headphones over the winter period and we’d be fools not … Continue Reading ››

Tracks of 2014

Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’19 Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’ [Hotgem] The opening track of the Glasgow electronic trio’s latest EP, Clouds, introduced us to vocalist Julie Knox, who’s powerful and emotive voice slides brilliantly into Atom Tree’s deep synthpop, alerting people the trio on a much bigger … Continue Reading ››

Suspire Interview “it’s a portrait of us as a whole, not some edited, manufactured version of real life”

Glasgow electro rockers Suspire have been around a while and over the course of that time have chopped and changed a fair bit, now they’ve finally got round to putting out that elusive debut album, which saw release early September. Their brand of electronic pop music, which takes on a much more rock ‘n’ roll presence … Continue Reading ››

Label Focus: Olive Grove Records

Having two of Scotland’s top bloggers behind a record label seems to make a lot of sense, but when Lloyd Meredith (Peenko) and Halina Rifai (Podcart) started Olive Grove back in the summer of 2010 they were just dipping their toe in. Fast forward four years and they’re pretty well established and putting out … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Listen to Behold, The Old Bear’s release for Cassette Store Day

Behold, The Old Bear take making fun, quirky and inventive pop music very seriously. 'Restless Days' comes from their forthcoming cassette split with Gone Wishing, which will be released via Scottish Fiction for Cassette Store Day on September 27 and we're giving you an exclusive chance to stream the track here on … Continue Reading ››