And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves have raw and simple ambitions: squarely to save music from mediocrity. Connecting human beings with music. No bullshit. No prisoners.  Fronted by former Amazing Snakeheads frontman Dale Barclay, who has witnessed firsthand the banality of the music industry and came out battered but unbeaten, And Yet It Moves want to play music for the love of it. Live they enrapture crowds with a real natural chemistry, Barclay’s undeniably captivating aura and expansive, songs of sorrow mixed with themes of the heart. If you want freedom these are the guys for you, if not just go away.


And Yet It Moves is:
Dale Barclay (vocals/guitar/sampler)
Michael Højgaard (vocals)
Laura St. Jude (vocals/synth)
Jesper Lapp (guitar)
Ross Wood (bass)
Jonas Duus (drums)

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‘Make America Great Again, Again’ Press Release
‘Make America Great Again, Again’ Artwork


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