Pelts – ‘The Tingles/ Less Than Three’ [Iffy Folk]

‘The Tingles ‘ and ‘Less Than Three’ is the new double A-side from Glasgow based alt rock band Pelts.

The songs are beautifully composed with a strong sense of melodic harmonies and carefully crafted lyrics.

The two voices compliment each others spectacularly showing off a delicate genuine tone to the song.

‘Less Than Three’ is particularly gorgeous with its gentle vocals and lovely soft accompanying acoustic guitar, the combination of these two elements creates an enchanting atmosphere.

There is a lovely sentiment to the song of holding onto something and being too scared to say what you feel.

‘The Tingles’ is a more fun upbeat song about understanding the love someone has for you and getting to know the person they are underneath and, yet again, the two voices join together magnificently.

What makes this band so particularly interesting is the well crafted, thought out lyrics combined with charming vocals thar mix so well together.


Words: Shannon Cullen

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