Sorbie Rd. Records: 5 Songs to Listen to (20/9/16)

Sorbie Rd. is an independent record label, radio station and whatever else we get bored and end up doing that week. Let’s say collective. We launched as an attempt to counter the androcentric species within our community whilst presenting a current and cohesive collection of outsider music throughout Scotland and beyond. Keeping everything D.I.Y is paramount – our artists will never be exposed to the con-artistry of streaming services who continue to unfairly pay artists for hours of dedication and commitment. Plus cassettes are cool dummy.

We will be giving Rave Child weekly, 5 songs that we think you should listen to- without a particular theme, context or purpose. I suppose it’ll just be what we’re listening to at that time.


Leatherette – Full Nun [Domestic Exile]

Vital Idles – Shade In The Shadows [Self Released/Good Press]

Nots – New Structures [Heavenly Recordings]

Mordwaffe – Rotary Clothes Dryers Buyers Club Band [Self Release, I think]

Abu Mogard – Half Light Of Dawn [Ecstatic Recordings]

You can listen to music released under Sorbie Rd. here:


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